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Grandpa’s Box 《爷爷的盒子-英文版》


It was a wooden box, simply made. “I guess you could call it my war chest,” Grandpa said. As the children peered into the box, they saw many small figures–animals, people, and objects of all kinds. A number of them were carved from wood.

Learn along with Marc and Amy as Grandpa shares his stories of the great war we are all fighting. See how his special box of wooden carvings illustrates the wonderful stories of the Bible.

Starr Meade, the author of the popular Training Hearts, Teaching Minds, takes children to a deeper understanding of God’s plan of redemption told throughout all of Scripture. Each chapter emphasizes what we learn about God, not just what we learn about individual characters in the Bible.

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书号 Code:O1469
出版社 Publisher:P & R Publishing
出版日期 Publication Year :2005
作者 Author:Starr Meade
页数 Page:286
尺寸:15.5 x 23 cm
重量 Weight:460 g
语言 Language:English
装订方式 Binding:Paperback
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重量 460 g
尺寸 15.5 × 23 cm